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Career and Internship Round Tables

On Jan. 31, 2019, Dr. Strimbu and 2 students from Barry University had the opportunity to be part of the Nova Southeastern University Career & Internship Round Tables hosted by the Career Development office of Nova University.
Dr. Adriana Strimbu,  Neemiah (2nd year Barry Univ. Podiatry Student) and Edgar Sy (4th year Barry Univ. Podiatry student)
It was more than a networking event, Career & Internship Round Tables engage students in deep dive discussions of tried and true practices.Students will have the opportunity to ask  a variety of questions about the field of podiatry ranging from “What resources should a student use to find work in their field once they graduate?” to “How can students get a podiatry internship or a chance of shodowing at a podiatry office?” This event provided students with the opportunity to gain first-hand information and practical advice on various career paths.  Because of the wide array of professional podiatry experiences, we were able to share invaluable information through open, honest dialogue with student who attend. Also having there 2 Barry University Podiatry students were able to explain to the undergradute students about their experiences at Barry University Podiatry School as well as provide them with infromation and advice about the requirments needed for the podiatry school.
Students were also informed about the DPM podiatry network, which is a program that helps students that are intrested in the field of podiatry or would like to find out more about the podiatry program. This network helps connect a student to a particular doctor within the area specified by the student. Students who are intrested can go to the link provided here ( DPM Mentor Network) and register for this network. Once they register they can request shadowing a podiatrist and this will help them get more familiar with the podiatry field. 

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